Have you ever tried to escape your own mind? See things differently? Fit a square-shaped thought through a circular passageway?

Sometimes, my own mind gets the best of me. The human brain is something that can be
toyed with
tampered with
easily deceived.

Mine has taken it's beating. I don't generally like to use the term brainwashing, but that's exactly what my mind has gone through. Being taught at an incredibly young age what to believe is unfair. Being baptized at 8 is too young. Most kids only think about stuffed animals and crayons at that age. How on earth can you decide whether or not you believe in something so complicated at that age? I think there should be a checklist before claiming yourself as a believer of your religion or not.
  • Have you studied other religions?
  • Do you feel it's okay to tell somebody their religion is wrong when it is something they believe in just as strongly as you?
  • Have you studied psychology and the creativity of the human brain?
Something that's hard to get through to people is how love and kindness can be taught through evolution. Before we bombard little ones with stories, let's show them love. Let's teach them kindness in the real world. The mind is a very sensitive thing. It can be trampled on very easily.

Be gentle with it.

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