As a human, I expect a lot. 
As a human, I take things for granted.
I don't realize what it is that I really want until it has disappeared.
I forget about the beauty of things just as they are.
As a human, I depend on other humans.
I try to change unchangeable things.
I try to fix unfixable things.
I focus too hard on things that shouldn't be focused on.
Things that find their way into my brain that I never invited in.
As a human, I don't instantly kick them out of my brain.
I let them stay for a while, make themselves at home.
As a human, I have this crazy ability to be able to react to things.
I panic, I smile, I jump up and down, I get disappointed, I laugh.
As a human, my brain is wired to search for negativity. Little situations suddenly seem ginormous. 

But among all these crazy things that our species is capable of, our evolutionized brains are still too simple. We put ourselves before the world. We put our own simple desires before the world. We still can't see the bigger picture. We're too focused on preaching our religious beliefs, our political beliefs, our personal standards. Our judgment towards people becomes stronger than our willingness to help the bigger picture. The desire to make every human the same as ourselves is suddenly the number one priority. 

As a human, I don't think we understand that we will 
never all be the same.
Unless we invent a microchip to insert into everyone's brains that controls our every thought, it's just not going to happen. And even if it did, we would be robots, not humans.

So take a look at what you are. A human. Take that in whatever way you want. But realize what you're capable of. It can be a beautiful thing. Come to terms with yourself. Focus on your bigger picture. Our species, the one that is the most corrupt, is the most capable of creating peace for the future. It is so inspiring, so upsetting at times, but so absolutely wonderful.

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