I absolutely love Christmas. Let me tell you why. When I think about Christmastime as a little kid, all I can remember are happy things. My family starts watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. My mom and I feel like it's just not a long enough holiday, so we celebrate as early as possible. The feeling of Christmas is just magical. You see people helping complete strangers out. Families that hardly see each other get together. Department stores offer their biggest charity events. It's all about giving... until somebody beats someone else up to get a discounted toy on Black Friday.

I do understand where Christmas comes from. I do understand why it's a Christian holiday. But even growing up, I was more focused on all the happy and thoughtful things people were doing around me rather than a Bible story. I'm sorry, I don't mean that offensively, but it's true. So now that it's that time of year again when people start posting things like "LETS REMEMBER THE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS.. CHRIST!", I feel like it's entirely acceptable to say this:

Just because you are "technically" a Christian.. doesn't mean you are like Christ.

In all honestly, I really do like the idea of Jesus. I think he seems like a pretty cool dude. And although I don't believe in these Bible stories, I believe in being good. And that is what Christmas has ALWAYS meant to me. Sure, I learned all the stories in church growing up, but that wasn't what made me feel so good about this holiday. It was the inspiration that complete strangers were giving me. It was walking up to a homeless man, giving him some money, hearing him say "I love you" with tears swelling in his eyes, and feeling that

honest connection with a complete stranger.

So yes, I celebrate this holiday. I celebrate it in the same way that I can agree with Buddhist beliefs and not be a Buddhist. I see something that makes me feel good about humanity, I take it to heart, and I join in. So instead of trying to come up with whether or not you should say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" around somebody, just be a nice human being. That's what it's all about. It's not about being a part of commercialized society or shoving your religious beliefs down somebody's throat. It is simply a season of giving that anybody can appreciate.

I wish everyone the best this season. Be safe and feel love. Xoxo.


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