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The other day I was talking to a friend of mine who was questioning the LDS church. He said something that was so beautifully worded that I wish I could remember it to the dot. It went something like this:

"I'd like to compare religion to the sunglasses shop I worked at. I enjoyed learning about all the different types of sunglasses. I liked telling other people about them when they'd ask. But I'm not going to shove them in their face and MAKE them buy them."

What an incredible comparison. People tend to think that since I don't believe in God, I automatically hate every religion. That's not true. Religion doesn't work for me specifically, but if it makes you happy, and you're going to be a good person, then please continue to do what makes you happy.

I believe that everybody deserves happiness.

Including myself. I love sharing my story about my discoveries through leaving religion (hence why I have this blog), but I'm not trying to force my opinion upon anyone. If we could all focus on sharing instead of persuading, I think we'd all get along much better. So to the religious folk who read this: Thank you for reading somebody's opinion that is much different than yours. That is very open-minded of you. That is, afterall, what this blog is all about.


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