We're all little products of evolution and mystery.
The future is unknown.
We worry, we fight, we love, we feel.
The stars reside in our bodies.
Our bodies reside in a stream of dust.

We're all bits and pieces of each other.
Our thoughts bind us together or tug us away.
We're still bound together.

We're all living the unknown.
Preaching to choirs we've never met and worshiping gods we can't trust.
We demand unity but tear them down when they disagree.
Our minds get lost, get back on track, then get lost again.
The maze of imagination goes on.

We're all hoping for a savior at some point.
We don't need to be saved.
We need to be freed.


  1. I love the last three lines.

  2. There's something about writing at night isn't there? Perhaps it's the sleep deprivation itself, or maybe the sheer lack of distraction. Regardless, it seems the night is when our minds conjure their most creative concoctions. A time for reflection. When our conscious working mind is shattered by the freeing silence. When our dreams spring to the surface and lie in wait just below the horizon. When the waking and sleeping minds harmonize to conceive answers to our most human questions. We become closer to ourselves.. Our souls.. The universe. The universe longs to create. In my opinion its this quality alone that makes us human. A vessel for creation. It's what nature, the universe intended. It's beautiful. I'm rambling now.. Thanks for the inspiration Dri. :)

    1. I'm going to take a wild guess and say this is Kell. :) You've got quite a way with writing. You should blog. Or write more.


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