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If somebody were to ask a friend or family member about you, how would they describe you? What would be your identifier? Nice, funny, entertaining, cool, shy? 

Something I find very interesting about Utah compared to other states, is that most everyone here automatically assumes you're Mormon. For the longest time, I started introducing myself as "Adri the Atheist" (well, not in those exact words, but you get the picture) because I wanted to be upfront with people and let them know I wasn't going to be their church buddy. In any other state, nobody gives a rat's ass what religion you are. But here, if you don't give somebody a reason to think you're not Mormon, they assume you are. It's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just a bit too predictable. 

Honestly though, I'm so past the point of having "Atheist" being my identifier. It's like, once you spend enough time giving yourself one single characteristic, you start to forget everything else about you. You get so consumed in one idea that your life becomes a rerun. My rerun happens to be basically all of 2012, when I was coming to complete terms with my atheism. I felt as though I had to have that identifier. Otherwise I'd get too far into a relationship or friendship, they'd realize I didn't share the same beliefs, and I'd be kicked to the curb. So that honesty came out right from the beginning. 

But I just don't mind anymore. I've been taking a new route. My journey through leaving religion will always be a big part of my life, which is nice. It's my story to share. When I meet people now, I'm just Adri, and it doesn't matter what my religious status is. Being an Atheist isn't my main identifier anymore. Why should it be?

My name is Adri.
I'm a writer, wannabe globetrotter, student, friend, daughter, sister.
I have values.
I love so many people.
And art. I love art.
I respect the ones who understand respect.
I'm weird, okay?
I have an open mind.
(Sometimes it's too open)
I have goals.
I believe in service.
And I also happen to be an Atheist.


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